Creating and preserving the value of your home and art, we restore, repaint, rebuild both art and architectural elements/details, paintings, mosaic,  plaster or mortar.


Many of our staff have worked as mural painters both privately and for the city. We would be pleased to help you transform a space with a new mural design or repair your aging mural.


Consultations and estimates available.


Art Restoration


 A Philadelphia paint company, we know the quality of the processes is key to to creating and protecting the value of your home or art. Our employees are both artists and craftspeople working in the trade of painting.  Whether working in construction in the finishing trade, in new construction, restoration painting, or designing and implementing a mural design especially for you, we aim high and work towards total customer satistfaction within whatever financial parameters you may have.

Restoration can be affordable.



Inside or out, old or new, we have the experience. Principal painter, Kim, has worked in historic restoration for over 20 years. James specializes as a painter in new construction. Janos brings in old world European paint techniques.

We all appreciate challenging paint ideas and details.

Here's where the two meet to create stunning results, running the gamut, from art and design to architectural finish work, many times

a combination of both.

About Luxe Painting

Luxe Painting is a Philadelphia

paint company which joins

art, restoration and painting

professionals with your particular needs to craft solutions to specialized job requests.

And not so specialized ones.


We have happily painted many a new condo, restored high end rentals and painted regular row home fronts.

But we are here also to provide historic restoration to the old home you just bought, gold leaf house numbers on your transom glass, detail your exterior, mosaic your garden wall, restore the original painting in the vestibule, paint signs on any surface, paint a freindly forest in your childrens bedroom, restore the old oil painting you treasure, refresh an old community mural or provide a new one.



Janos Korodi

An artist and professional painter.


Janos has been in the states for some time, from Budapest, Hungary. He's good at pretty much everything and lends a European perspective to all our work, which is appreciated by both staff and clients.




James Oliver

Principle Two

No one enjoys the art of housepainting more.



He is also a in his 15th year as a gallery owner, is a professional artist an a principal of his own paint company, working primarily in Center City, sometimes the 'burbs and occasionally in South Jersey.

James is a gem to have working with Luxe Painting.

Kim Alsbrooks


Kim has a professional career as an artist, but keeps her day job...


Has worked in construction as a painter for 25 years, up and down the east coast, originally in historic restoration, then into high end new construction. Worked for the Phila Mural Program for 10 years as a painter, mosaicist and mural restoration. Most notably restored the Keith Haring mural in 2014. Does not actually emanate rainbows but enjoys NYC street art which prove good for making like she does.

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An array of images showing both interior and exterior finish work, detailed paint jobs and not so detailed, art restoration, specialty decoration, sign and mural work.

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